Ask the SOS Brigade!

We’re the SOS Brigade, and we’d love to answer all your questions, especially if they concern aliens, time travelers, ESPers, sliders, or any other supernatural occurrences! If you’re not interesting, don’t bother asking! We’re here, waiting!
-Brigade Chief Suzumiya Haruhi
It’s very kind of you to stop by. If you’d like to ask any of us questions, you’re very welcome to, although Suzumiya-san may want you to direct all your questions at her. The rest of us are here for you as well.
-Second in Command Koizumi Itsuki
Hello! I’d love to serve you tea o-or answer questions or anything you’d like me to do for you! Thank you so much for coming to see the SOS Brigade!
-Brigade Mascot Asahina Mikuru
Ask questions. They will be welcomed by the SOS Brigade. Thank you.
-Member Nagato Yuki
If you’re going to spend all your time here, you’re crazy. I guess now that I’ve set up this site, you might wanna use it to ask questions, but don’t be forced into it, okay?

ask-asuka-x-shinji asked: Will the brigade continue even after you graduate from high school? will you guys be in your mid 20s and still the SOS Brigade, that would be kinda cool, right? - Shinji

Haruhi: Of course it will! The SOS Brigade stops for nothing, I’m telling you now. We’ll continue until we’re old - until we’re dead! There’s tons of supernatural things to observe, and we’re not going to stop just because we’re getting older. That’s a promise!

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